Water Management and Efficiency

Good water management is increasingly important with rising water costs, and health and environmental regulation. Systematic management helps future proof your business through reducing your costs, and your regulatory, environmental and health risks.

We understand the complex and varied challenges associated with water management, including drinking water, waste water, storm water, and general use water. We can provide a tailored range of services to help you meet regulatory, auditing, reporting or business efficiency requirements.

Our Water Corporation - endorsed Waterwise Water Specialist can identify the presence of leaks and carry out water efficiency inspections and audits. We can provide advice on cost-effective hardware and management improvements, and opportunities to reduce costs.

Management Systems and Plans

Management Systems are now mainstays of contemporary businesses, with the increasing need for systematic processes to ensure, and demonstrate, risks are appropriately managed. We understand the complex and varied challenges that organisations face and can create and tailor management systems and management plans to meet individual business or approval needs.

Whether you are just starting out or already have a functioning management system, we can tailor your business systems to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Independent Auditing

EAW Consulting can assist in all elements of management system, management plan, ISO 14001:2015, contractor performance, and compliance auditing. We have wide business experience and hold Exemplar Global accreditation at the Lead Environmental Auditor level. We can provide businesses with independent audit services and additional benefit through identifying opportunities to improve performance and streamline processes. We can also undertake fully integrated audits against ISO14001, ISO18001/ AS4801 and ISO9001

Business Management

EAW Consulting can assist with:

  • risk and compliance management;
  • preparation and review of business documentation;
  • policies, procedures, manuals, and work instructions;
  • management plans and training materials;
  • approvals; and
  • research and investigation.
We can also help with planning and coordinating initiatives; reviewing, interpreting and reporting information; and technical problem solution.

These capabilities are augmented by our broad strengths in the environment, agriculture and water and strong local networks, adding value for our clients.

Environmental Audits

We have Exemplar Global Lead Environmental Auditor accreditation and can audit: performance of environmental management systems and plans, integrated environmental safety and quality systems, and compliance against regulatory conditions and ISO 14001:2015.

Water Efficiency Audits

We have Water Corporation Waterwise Water Auditor endorsement and can undertake water use inspections or audits of facilities, including cost benefit analysis of retrofitting and analysis of historical and current water use patterns.

Environmental Management Systems and Plans

We have a strong background in environmental management systems and ISO 14001 and can create and tailor environmental management systems and plans to meet your individual business and regulatory needs. We are mindful of needs to integrate with existing business processes, ‘keep it simple’ but robust, and to be compatible with your business culture.

Stormwater Management

We can investigate viability of options for managing stormwater to comply with regulatory and other requirements.

Drinking Water Quality Management

We are familiar with WA Department of Health requirements and Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and can develop and assess Drinking Water Quality Management Plans and supporting procedures and documentation.

Strategic Business Management

Our staff have skills in a number of strategic business management and coordination areas such as: greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, research, environmental governance, risk and compliance management, and approvals.