Environment Examples of work undertaken by our staff, either solely or as a team member.

Works Approval Compliance Assessments

SAMI Bitumen Technologies

Compliance with Works Approvals for construction of a new bitumen processing plant at Kwinana were assessed for stages 1 (2018) and stage 2 (2022). Associated reports were required by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation before issuing a licence to operate the plant.

SAMI Bitumen

Independent Audits of Environmental Managemant Plans

Public Transport Authority

Audits of compliance with Construction Management Plans by EM Rail (overhead traction wiring equipment works) and John Holland (track works) associated with rail track infrastructure for the new Perth Stadium.

Environmental Management Plan and Procedures

Public Transport Authority

Environmental Management Plan for Ningana Bushland associated with Metronet (Yanchep Rail Extension) and various construction procedures (e.g. surface water management, land access, site mobilisation, groundwater management waste management, site demobilisation).

Audits of Compliance with Land Clearing Permit

Water Corporation and Main Roads WA

Land clearing undertaken by Water Corporation during 2014-2016 and 2017-2018 and by Main Roads WA during 2020 was audited to meet a condition of the respective Statewide Clearing Purpose Permits. Audits included evaluation of compliance with all conditions of the permits.


Corporate Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Water Corporation

An ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management System was developed for the Water Corporation by Dr Dracup and his team The project included development of many supporting procedures and processes and implementing them across the state-wide activities of the Water Corporation. This is arguably the biggest EMS in Australia involving many activities, services and environments across a vast state.

Greenhouse Gas Management Strategy and Business Plan

Water Corporation

A Greenhouse Gas Management Strategy and Business Case and supporting risk management process was developed for the Water Corporation by Dr Dracup, targeted at zero net greenhouse emissions. As the State’s largest user of grid electricity, this required significant changes. The Strategy included combinations of: tree plantation offsets, renewable energy generation from biogas and renewable energy purchase, and energy use efficiency.