Agriculture Examples of work undertaken by our staff, either solely or as a team member.

Canola Crop

GrowSafe® Farming Manual and GrowSafe® Farming Standard

Australian Mineral Fertilisers

GrowSafe® Farming was developed by Australian Mineral Fertilisers. EAW Consulting was contracted by Australia Mineral Fertilisers to develop Standards and a Manual to underpin credible GrowSafe® badging to attract price premiums based on environmental stewardship and produce quality.


Environmental Management System (EMS)


C-Wise specialise in recycling organic wastes through compost manufacture. EAW Consulting was contracted to develop a business management system to integrate environment, quality and safety management into business processes.

Future Broadacre Agricultural Landscapes

Future Broadacre Agricultural Landscapes: A Strategy to Support a Sustainable Future for the Grainbelt

Department of Agriculture WA

A strategy to underpin research targeted at a sustainable future for the Grainbelt was developed involving a ‘think tank’ of chief executives and union manager from the six major research providers for the Grainbelt. The process included summaries of the current state of a number of social, environmental and economic factors from identified experts and a facilitated discussion to establish shared objectives and directions.

Agriculture for our Children

Agriculture for our Children: Sustainability Plan for the Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture

Within the Context of the then State Sustainability Strategy, a Sustainability Strategy was developed for the WA Department of Agriculture. The process included an analysis of the current internal and external environment and a change management process to move toward integration of economic, social and environmental values in delivery of the Department’s services.