Agriculture Examples of work undertaken by our staff, either solely or as a team member.

GrowSafe® Farming Manual and GrowSafe® Farming Standard

Australian Mineral Fertilisers

GrowSafe® Farming was developed by Australian Mineral Fertilisers. EAW Consulting was contracted by Australia Mineral Fertilisers to develop Standards and a Manual to underpin credible GrowSafe® badging to attract price premiums based on environmental stewardship and produce quality.


Environmental Management System (EMS)


C-Wise specialise in recycling organic wastes through compost manufacture. EAW Consulting was contracted to develop a business management system to integrate environment, quality and safety management into business processes.

Pivot irrigation systems

Surface Water Licence Management

Hancock Agriculture

Hancock Agriculture operates centre pivot irrigation systems at Liveringa Station in the west Kimberley to grow forage crops. EAW Consulting provides expertise in vegetation monitoring and regulatory reporting for compliance with surface water abstraction licence conditions.