Water Examples of work undertaken by our staff, either solely or as a team member.

Drinking water

Management Plan and Procedures

Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park supplies drinking water to Park staff and patrons. EAW Consulting developed a Drinking Water Quality Management Plan to address water quality risks, including in the water catchment, and treatment and distribution system. We also developed procedures for water sampling, maintenance, and incidents.


Water Efficiency

Local Government Facilities

EAW Consulting has supported water conservation activities at many councils (e.g. Mandurah, Cambridge, Mosman Park, Cottesloe, Wanneroo, South Perth, Rockingham), principally through waterwise water audits within their Waterwise Council programmes. We audited facilities such as office buildings, commercial restaurants / cafes, parks and gardens, aquatic centres, sport and recreation complexes and depots, followed by construction of full water balance models for the facilities and identification of cost-effective opportunities to save water.


Water Corporation

EAW Consulting has investigated water consumption by many of the State’s biggest water consuming businesses to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. Businesses have included mining camps, hotel and other accommodation providers, aquatic centres, health campus, abattoir, rendering plant, and airport.

Minerak Resources

Mineral Resources

EAW Consulting investigated water consumption at the Mt Marion Lithium project. The investigation included all sources of water; scheme, rainwater, groundwater and recycled water and mapped consumption according to facilities and tasks and outputs. Opportunities to reduce leakage, increase recycling and for substitution with fit for purpose water were identified and quantified.